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Relax & Enjoy

While you are busy taking care of your beloved plants, it is important not to forget to take care of yourself as well. You too deserve to be pampered. So give yourself a present every now and then! In this category you will find various products that make it even easier to enjoy the outdoors.

Gift sets

Be kind and surprise someone with one of these great plant lover gift sets! The sets are carefully composed for every type of plant lover. Whether you like succulents and cacti or are an anthurium fan. Whether you're going big or just starting with cuttings and seedlings. Among these gift sets there is sure to be one that will make you and your plant lover friends very happy.

Firewood & torches

It's not just nice to stay warm in the winter. Also in summer, a Swedish torch or a wind candle can bring coziness to the garden. You will find the wind candles in our range in different colors and scents. For example, coffee scent for the real coffee lover, or citronella for those who are not such fans of mosquitoes.


A day at the beach or a fun trip to the park? That should - most definitely - include cold drinks. With the NEVE coolers you have delicious cold drinks, wherever you go. You can choose a model with separate cooling elements or an electric cool box with connection options of 12 and 220 Volts.

Gardena ClickUp!

Gardena has a special line called ClickUp! for the most easy way of changing your garden accessories all year round. The Gardena ClickUp! line includes a bird feeder and insect hotel for the small animals in your garden, a planter on stick that serves as an eye-catcher or a rain gauge to see, the old-school way, how much rain has fallen. Super handy! And not only the products, but also the assembly is incredibly simple. You click it on the Gardena ClickUp! handle and voilá: your garden upgrade is ready.

Garden shower

You didn't know you wanted an outdoor shower until you showered in nature for the first time. What a wonderful feeling to be able to take a refreshing shower in your own garden in the summer, for example after swimming or gardening. Rinse off chlorine and pollen with a garden shower.

There are three different Gardena garden shower types: the Gardena Garden Shower Solo, Gardena Garden Shower Duo and Gardena Garden Shower Trio. The difference is in the spray head and how you put it in place. With the Garden Shower Solo you have a spike to stick in the ground and one showerhead at the top. The garden shower Duo can also be inserted into the ground with a spike and has both a showerhead at the top and a spray mist in the middle. The Gardena garden shower Trio has a detachable shower head and also a fixed spray mist. The Trio variant can be inserted into the ground with a spike, but can also stand on uneven surfaces or tiled floors thanks to the tripod construction. Which one is your favorite?