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Plant & Care

Water and light can go a long way in taking care of your plants, but it doesn't stop there. From seed to mature plant, All4Plants offers a wide range of products that help you take care of your plants.

Plant & Care

Caring for plants also consists of the right plant nutrition, recognizing nutritional deficiencies or surpluses by fertilizing with liquid or solid fertilizers, ensuring healthy root growth by repotting and preventing and/or fighting plant diseases and pests. In the garden, plant & care also includes lawn maintenance and analyzing and improving the soil. You can even be self-sufficient in your fertilizers by composting plant waste. If you start growing or cutting plants, you will come across all facets of plants and their care.

At All4Plants you will find a wide range of plant & care products at competitive prices with transparent shipping costs. We also post new products every week.

Greenhouses & growing systems

Growing healthy plants starts with creating the right conditions. You have the most control over this within a closed system such as a greenhouse or grow tent. To start growing, use handy tools such as a cutting tray, propagator or hydro system. Opt for a heated growing system to promote growth. You can grow all kinds of plants; flowers, vegetables, herbs and even perennials.

Sprouts & cuttings

Germination is the first step of plant care. Every plant lover knows: well begun is half done. Well-known aids for sprouts and cuttings are: cutting blocks, glue plugs, propagators, cutting powder and root stimulator.

Pots, bowls and planters

Our range of pots, bowls and planters is aimed at the healthiest possible development of the roots of your plant. In particular, our range of indoor pots, pre-growth, net growth and fabric pots provide space for root development and improve water management. A plant in a pot that is too small or too large will develop less well. There is then no room for sufficient oxygen or nutrition. In a pot that is too large, water and nutrients are lost because the roots cannot reach it. It's time to repot! The eye also wants something; From terracotta pots to plastic flower boxes, find the right pot for your plants and flowers here!

Plantcare in the garden

Do you spend a lot of time in your garden? Then your garden will be at its best. This actually applies to all plants, the more care and attention they receive, the better they grow and bloom and the more beautiful they become. Of course we are not called All4Plants for nothing, we are happy to help you with the care of your garden and your plants!

Plant fertilizer & additives

Fertilizing plants ensures healthy growth, more exuberant flowering and increased resistance. Nutrient needs differ from plant to plant. The basic diet consists of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). You can choose between organic and artificial fertilizers and between solid or liquid. In addition to plant food, All4Plants offers an extensive range of additives with less known, but no less important(!) nutrients as well as growth and flowering boosters.

Potting soil, substrates and rock wool

An average bag of potting soil contains enough nutrients for your plant for the first two months. That is of course not enough for your favorite plants. You want the best start and the best breeding ground for your plants. You therefore choose the substrate based on the properties that best suit the needs of your plant. You can opt for moisture-retaining or permeable soil, for firm or airy soil and for a substrate with extra nutrients or without.

Preventing & fighting plant disease and pests

Preventing plant diseases and pests is an important part of caring for your plants. There are different types of fungi, also known as fungicides, pests and diseases that a plant can have to deal with. As everyone knows, preventing a problem is better than solving a problem. If you nevertheless have to control it, first carefully check which pest or plant disease the plant is suffering from. Then use a (natural) pesticide, available in different variants and forms for the relevant fungus, pest or plant disease.

Lawn construction and maintenance

You maintain the lawn by fertilizing it with lime or lawn fertilizer or in the event of serious damage you can improve the state of your lawn by reseeding it with grass seed. You can fertilize the lawn three times a year. Fertilize the lawn when it starts to grow, which is in the spring. In the summer, the lawn can be fertilized again as temperatures rise and the lawn can use some extra strength and resilience . Fertilize the lawn for the last time in the fall so that it has enough strength to get through the cold winter months.

Soil improvers & ground covers

You can improve the soil of the garden with soil improvers and ground covers. This can be done with, for example, tree bark or garden compost. With a soil improver you enrich the soil with nutrients. By covering the soil with a ground cover you ensure that the soil is protected against, for example, frost and weeds.

Fighting weeds

Weeds are best controlled from the root. You can stick a weed picker into the ground along the root and pull out the entire root system practically undamaged. This ensures that you fully tackle the problem. There are also various weed killers with active substances that tackle the weeds all up to the rooting system of the plant.


Do you want to make your own fertilizer in an environmentally friendly way? That is possible with compost! Composting is quite the trend now a days. Compost, also called humus, consists of vegetable residues and serves as fertilizer for plants and as soil improver. Composting can be done in a composter, a kitchen composter or a compost silo. In Japan they call their process of all natural composting: Bokashi.