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DIY Plant Markers


DIY: create your own plant markers

Because it is almost spring and the sun is showing itself more and more, the desire to start gardening again begins to grow. Now is the perfect time to make plans and preparations for your vegetable or herb garden. From February, you can already start with early sowing. While waiting until you can actually start gardening, you have enough time to create your own plant markers. These will be a nice addition to your vegetable garden. Moreover, the plant markers tell you exactly where to find each plant and prevent the leaves of the strawberry plant from ending up in your pasta sauce. In this blog we have collected a few fun examples for you.


Chalkboard plant markers

Looking for a simple way to create plant markers? For these chalkboard markers you only need a few sticks - for example, free paint sticks - and chalkboard paint. The matt black paint gives the plant markers a tough look.

For a more playful result, you can paint the sticks in different colors with acrylic paint. Use an acrylic sealer to provide the plant markers with a protective layer, so they remain beautiful regardless of the weather. Finally, for a cool 3D effect, write the plant names on the wood by using special 'fabric paint'.

Plant marker with beads

Fun to do with children, for example, is this marker made of iron wire and beads. The only tool you need is a pair of pliers to create the design.

Bend the wire at one end in a small circle to prevent the beads from falling off. Then thread the alphabet beads to the wire or start with a flower bead as in the example. At the other end, add a flower and bend the wire again to seal the series. Make two kinks in the thread to complete the plant marker. Now on to the next!

You can vary endlessly by using different beads and designs.

Wine Cork plant markers

Are not they funny? If you do not drink wine yourself, you probably know someone who is willing to keep a few corks aside for you. Beside this, you also need a black marker, some sturdy wooden sticks and a glue gun.

In order to ensure that the sticks do not break, you could first make a hole in the corks using scissors. For extra strength, glue the corks to the sticks with a glue gun. Finally, write the names of the herbs or vegetables on the corks. Simple & fun!

Plant markers of clay

Again very different are these plant markers of polymer clay, for example Fimo clay.

First knead the clay into a ball and roll it out until you get the desired length. With a rolling pin you can transform the clay into a beautiful marker. Then press the letters into the clay with stamps. To be able to put the plant markers in the soil later, you need to cut a corner from the front so that you get a sharp point.

Ready? Put them in the oven (at Fimo clay: 30 min at 110 °C), let it cool down and the plant markers are ready for use!

Natural plant markers

A simple way to mark your plants is with stones. Create a piece of art with paint or pick up a waterproof marker and simply write the plant names on the stones.

The most difficult part of this project is actually finding the right stones. You can opt for beautiful smooth, round stones. In this example is choosen for flat, slanted stones so that they could stand upright and have a flat surface to write on.

An advantage is thtat these markers can not just blow away!

Painted stones as plant markers

We also had to show these beautiful plant markers. They do not differ much from the previous ones, only they markers are a lot more detailed. This is also what makes them so cool. You can put all your creativity into it!

Clean the stones in advance. To simplify painting, first draw the figures with pencil on the stones and then color them with acrylic paint. Allow the paint to dry well. The second layer of paint consists of the outline and plant names. Once that layer is dry, you can protect the artwork with a transparent spray. This way they remain intact.

Ladle plant markers

Who does not think about eating when it comes to a vegetable garden or herb garden? These ladle-markers bring food and actual eating closer together. Cheerful, made in no time and easy to put into the ground!

Paint (part of) the ladles in different colors and let it dry well. Afterwards you can draw the plant names and matching figures on it. And they are finished! Protect the markers with a transparent spray against the weather.

Rustic plant markers

Even in a modern garden, these rustic twigs would be a great accent. And they are easy to make too!

Cut or saw a few twigs on the size you want. Then grab a peeler to cut off an oblique layer of the twigs. After this you can stamp the plant names with stamps and different colors of ink. You can also write the names with a waterproof pen.

We personally like these markers a lot!

As you can see, it does not have to be difficult to create plant markers yourself. Let your creativity run free or go for clean and simple. The possibilities are infinite. Time to get started, we wish you lots of craft fun!